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Ercília Machado came by the White Clinic™ and had a few things to say

Ercília Machado is one of Portugal’s coolest athletes. She’s currently a long-distance runner for Sporting, and she came to the White Clinic™ after she learned that her persisting lesions might be related to oral health and dental occlusion. She’d been going from dentist do dentist, not really trusting any of them and always feeling uneasy […]

Back from DentalXP Implant Summit and with a new video to prove it

This year’s DentalXP Implant Summit didn’t disappoint, as always. I was invited to lecture last year, and I can say that it gets better every time. The panel of speakers always includes the top minds in Dentistry nowadays, some of them men and women who have inspired me throughout the years, and who were there […]

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