My reflections & visions for the future on the 100th episode of the Dentology Podcast

My reflections & visions for the future on the 100th episode of the Dentology Podcast

Dentology – The Business of Dentistry with Andy Acton and Chris Strevens is a great podcast that discusses all things non-clinical in the dental world, covering topics such as goodwill values, finance, marketing, how to buy and sell a dental practice, mindset, where to invest, team management issues, and so much more.

Andy and Chris recently travelled to Lisbon, Portugal and the three of us sat down for an inspiring conversation, centred around reflections and visions for the future of dentistry. We chatted a bit about my early years in the field and how I solidified my career and my practice. Then, we dove deep into issues like decision making, managing people and creating the right culture in the workplace, which then led us to the importance of having a positive mindset and, ultimately, a look into life away from dentistry.

We covered so many interesting topics that Andy Acton and Chris Strevens decided to keep it all and split it over two podcast episodes. The first one is already out and is available here and part 2 will drop next week.

What an honour it is to share and celebrate such an outstanding Dentology milestone – the 100th episode – with you guys! Thank you so much for having me! 

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