Second Opinion

Second Opinion

by Miguel Stanley

Second Opinion

by Miguel Stanley

Second opinions, instead of second guessing

There was a time when seeking a second opinion was seen as something of a tabu or a betrayal, a sign of mistrust. Today, that perception couldn’t be more obsolete. In a global world where knowledge is power and sharing is caring, second opinions are more relevant and valuable than ever.

They can be guiding.
They can be transformative.
They can be life-changing.

Second Opinion




Informed Decisions



Sometimes things don’t go as planned at the dentist.
Sometimes it’s necessary to seek out a different dentist, for a second opinion.

I know. I’ve given my fair share of second opinions. And I’m always happy to do so because I’ve been resolving simple and complex dental issues for 25 years. Experience matters. And so does sharing knowledge.


When we use our expertise, our know-how, our experience, our research and the thousands of hours we’ve practiced our profession to help someone who requires guidance in an area that we specialise in, a second opinion gains traction. A new perspective with fresh eyes that may just be the key to unlocking a problem that is stuck, to getting a plan in motion, to reaching a desired outcome. Pretty powerful when you stop to think about it.

“One of the greatest joys I have in life is to share knowledge. There is nothing more gratifying than to teach and see others thrive with newly acquired information.”

Looking for a second opinion?

Are you a patient?

Being unhappy with a treatment performed at a clinic doesn’t mean having to live with bad dentistry and an unhealthy smile. That’s what second opinions are for and I’d be happy to take a comprehensive look at your case. This means understanding needs and expectations, improving patient experience and ensuring optimal clinical outcomes.

Are you a dentist?

Are you
a dentist?

Whether you run your own practice or work at a dental clinic, sometimes there are cases that require another point of view. And a second opinion is something you will be able to show your patient in order to corroborate your ideas, which will ultimately help you achieve a higher success rate with complicated cases.

Are you a student?

Navigating dental school while also keeping up with a constantly evolving industry and planning your future career can be a lot. I know, I’ve been there. And I understand how important it is to have someone who can answer our questions honestly and clearly. I’m here for any second opinion you might need at this stage.

Are you a teacher?

As a teacher in the dentistry field, many questions and concerns may arise both inside and outside the classroom. Which is great because it alerts us to the importance of stepping out of the box and embracing innovation, increasing knowledge and awareness, learning and teaching more and better. Sometimes, a second opinion is all you need.

Areas of expertise

An experienced dentist has the skills, knowledge and experience to analyse simple and complex cases, to help minimise suffering and create a personalised treatment plan, to offer healthy guidance and optimal career orientation. When it comes to my professional opinions, I’m passionate about various areas that prioritise both oral and general healthcare, with decades-long experience in each one of them, and with no intention of slowing down. Ask me anything about:

Biological Dentistry

Oral Health

General Health

Positive Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

Regenerative Medicine

Slow Dentistry

Integrative Medicine

T7 Treatment Philosophy

Complex Cases

Let’s talk second opinions

Great second opinions start with open and honest conversations. 

Option #1

Send me a complete report of your main questions and concerns, including timelines, treatment plans, clinical outcomes, photos and any other relevant information. I will analyse your issue, contact you for any additional information if necessary and send you a detailed email with my professional second opinion.

Option #2

If you prefer a virtual meeting to discuss your specific case or query, I’m happy to set up a one-hour meeting so I can listen to your current needs and present my qualified second opinion.

Complete confidentiality

Whether you’re a patient or a doctor, a student or a teacher, I will never question you about your previous dentist or clinic, or about your academic community. This space is safe and judgement free, because a second opinion is also a clean slate.

Second opinions.
Concrete answers.
Practical outcomes.

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