Healthy Teeth = Healthy Brain

Healthy Teeth = Healthy Brain

I’ve been connecting the dots between oral health and general health for over 25 years now and that connection is not only undeniable, but has become increasingly significant as we clearly understand that if something is wrong in the body, the diagnosis process may very well need to begin with the mouth.

The teeth & brain connection

Did you know that having all your teeth and gums in good shape contribute to a healthy brain? More and more research highlights the connection between good oral hygiene, reduced pathogens in the bloodstream, and lower inflammation – this has a proven impact on our brain function.

For example, in the March 2023 article “Poor Oral Health Is Associated with Worse Brain Imaging Profiles” we can read that “Poor oral health is a significant public health problem that has been linked to a variety of health outcomes. Epidemiological studies indicate that poor oral health, specifically periodontitis and tooth loss, increases the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Additionally, tooth loss and periodontitis have been identified as risk factors for stroke.” Food for thought, isn’t it?

When you stop to think that old, outdated, poorly executed or contaminated dental treatments can be causing silent inflammation and toxicity in the oral cavity, which in turn travels to the brain and can ultimately contribute to cognitive diseases such as dementia, Parkinsons or Alzheimer’s, we need to stop and think if we’re paying enough attention to our oral health. Moreso, we need to be in tune with the fact that the current state of our oral health may already be impacting our general wellbeing if we’ve been experiencing difficult to diagnose conditions or symptoms that simply don’t seem to go away.

Let’s use our brains, shall we?

Prioritising our dental health is so much more than just a great smile – it’s about nurturing both oral and cognitive well-being.

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