UCL Aesthetics Symposium 2023: recap and reviews

UCL Aesthetics Symposium 2023: recap and reviews

When it comes to biological dentistry, there’s only one thing I’m more passionate about than practicing it – and that’s talking about it. I love sharing what I’ve learned over the past 25 years and what I am still learning and researching every single day. I love connecting with my fellow colleagues and future dentists. And participating in the UCL Aesthetics Symposium 2023, in London, UK, which was celebrating its 15th anniversary, was another great experience.

I spoke about various topics I’m 100% committed to – consumers and technology as a driving force for the future of dentistry, my “No Half Smiles” Philosophy, minimal invasive digital dentistry, new materials and technologies, and the Slow Dentistry concept – and the feedback was amazing!

When we think and speak outside the box, we learn, practice and thrive outside the box as well, and this is where amazing progress and breakthroughs are made. This is exactly what the modern dental arena requires nowadays: not just sharing real life cases, but opening up the discussion to real life stories, visions and ideas. This is the future of oral healthcare and it is so, so promising. In fact, we’re all very excited! Can you tell?

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