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Turning cork into beauty: get to know Pelcor

Portugal has amazing resources and it’s always great to see them being turned into something unexpected and innovative. Yesterday I came across an article on Pelcor, a Portuguese brand that works with cork and applies it to everyday objects, creating beautiful design items. I’m always saying that Portugal has so much to give, and in […]

The eco-friendly toothbrush

A lot of dental problems can be avoided, or at least minimized, with good brushing habits! A proper oral hygiene routine is key to keep our mouth healthy and it’s not a difficult thing to maintain. There’s a lot to consider about brushing, from the correct movements to the quality of the toothpaste and toothbrush. […]

Rethinking evolution

Is evolution chaging? The famous sentence “Survival of the fittest” and the theory of evolution that Charles Darwin wrote over a century ago are pretty much standard. We not only believe that but are also its living proof! Us and all the animals and all the species in the world are the result of the passing […]

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