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Clinical case: immediate loading implants used in cosmetic intervention

Last week a clinical case that we developed at the White Clinic® was published in Jornal Dentistry. We had a patient who was unhappy with the appearance of her anterior tooth, which also showed some signs of trauma. We found out she had resorption and loss of cervical bone level in the apical direction, using […]

An Instant Smile

Today I bring you a brand new case of Life-changing Dentistry we did at White Clinic®. This time we treated a 60 year-old woman who had been missing teeth for many, many years. She used a full denture on her top and bottom jaw. One of the inconvenient of dentures is that they move around […]

Another case of Life-changing Dentistry

Today I present you another clinical case of life-changing dentistry, involving several teeth extractions. Concerns with her oral health, functionality and aesthetics were the three main reasons leading this female patient to come looking for us at the White Clinic®. And of course, our first goal was to provide her with the best medical care […]

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