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Thoughts on acupuncture

I’m a big fan of Chinese Medicine! It’s funny how in our Western civilization we call acupuncture alternative. Well, over a billion people have been practicing this art for over five thousand years, so I wouldn’t call it alternative! Being a Western physician myself and having studied Medicine, Anatomy and all those scientific subjects, I […]

New Article on Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine

My article just came out in Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine, which is a leading international lifestyle online site, present in the UK, Qatar, Africa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hawaii, Switzerland, Florida, Singapore and the Caribbean! I was really pleased to give an interview a few weeks ago for the edition on Cosmetic Dentistry. I was interviewed by […]

Interview on Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Last week I gave an interview to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK, the leading publication for high end services and products in Great Britain. They have a style and beauty edition and they interviewed me on some of the secrets regarding anti-aging dentistry. Fortunately, this is something I have been talking about passionately in my lectures […]

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