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Back from DentalXP Implant Summit and with a new video to prove it

This year’s DentalXP Implant Summit didn’t disappoint, as always. I was invited to lecture last year, and I can say that it gets better every time. The panel of speakers always includes the top minds in Dentistry nowadays, some of them men and women who have inspired me throughout the years, and who were there […]

Heading to DentalXP Implant Summit in New York in two weeks

In two weeks, I’ll be heading to DentalXP Implant Summit, in New York, one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ll be with some of the best names in implantology, and I can’t wait to discuss the newest advances in the field, get to know their opinions and share the White Clinic™’s experience with […]

New lectures on my horizon and lots of travelling ahead

I got back from Moscow yesterday after another incredible event at the 12th MegaGen International Symposium. What was so cool about this was asked to open this two-day event. Some of the world’s leading names in Dentistry came on stage after me, such as Dr. Marco Esposito and Prof. Joseph Choukroun, Dr. Nicholas Elian and […]

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