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How to maintain a healthy relationship with your patient – Part I

Today I want to talk a little bit about the very difficult, silent war that goes on between dentists and their patients. I have been practising for 18 years now and I think that allows me to talk a little bit about this sensitive topic. One of the things that I’ve discovered recently is that […]

Great expectations for the 12th Annual MegaGen Symposium

  Greetings from Dr. Miguel StanleyGreetings from Dr. Miguel StanleyThe 12th Annual MegaGen International Symposium in MOSCOWApril 16th ~ 17th, 2016World Trade Center, Moscow, Russia Publicado por MegaGen Implant em Domingo, 27 de Dezembro de 2015   Привет, Москва! Как дела?* I’m so excited to come back to Moscow to the 12th Annual MegaGen International […]

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