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“Vitória”, Portugal!!

I am so proud that Portugal won the Euro! I only wish that my father was alive today, because this was something that he really loved passionately. This victory is something that we all needed and deserved, and truly came at a perfect time. Congratulations to the Team and to every single Portuguese person living […]

Let’s go, Portugal!

Those that know me, know that I’m not a fanatic football follower but I do the European Cups or the World Cups and when these games take place, of course I am a huge supporter of the Portuguese national team. Despite being a British citizen and a Portuguese citizen, I’m a big fan of the […]

Thank you, Fátima Lopes!

Two weekends ago, I went to Madrid to see a football match. It was an incredible game! The first that Zinadine Zidane played as manager for Real Madrid. It’s always so exciting to see games at the Santiago Barnabéu Stadium. The energy in Madrid is incredible! I bumped into a lot of old friends and […]

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