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Nice, Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, Baghdad… This has to stop!

I have been to Nice many times and the South of France is a beautiful place this time of the year. Yesterday was a day of celebration, a day of liberation, where France celebrates fraternity, equality and liberty. And yesterday those three maxims were mowed down by an insane extremist! I seriously hope that we […]

Heartbroken for Istanbul

Last night a terrible act of violence was committed at the Istanbul Airport. The International Atatà¼rk Airport is one of the most amazing airports in the world. I have travelled through there a lot. Istanbul is one of our favourite cities to visit, my wife and I have been there several times and it’s truly […]

Give peace a chance!

I remember waking up in the morning, and the only thing that I could do was go outside and see what the weather was like. Nowadays, I wake up,  grab my phone, and within seconds I can not only see what the weather is like, but I can also see what is going on in […]

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