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Digital Work flow: a Precise Way to Achieve State of the Art Smiles

I am grateful to start the year in the prestigious CAD/CAM magazine from the Dental Tribune International on fully digital workflow in implant dentistry for a full arch case I presented in my last conference in Japan. Here you have the link where you can download the full PDF of the prestigious CAD/CAM international magazine […]

Realidade aumentada: o novo aliado da Medicina Dentária

Na revista mensal O JournalDentistry de Dezembro de 2017, foi publicada a entrevista à  empresa Fithingenium, que escolheu a White Clinic para testar o produto em Portugal. A possibilidade de visualizar imagens virtuais 3D em cenários reais abre inúmeras possibilidades aos profissionais de medicina dentária. A Fifthingenium, tecnológica que estão a apostar nesta área, explica-nos como.  […]

Ercília Machado came by the White Clinic™ and had a few things to say

Ercília Machado is one of Portugal’s coolest athletes. She’s currently a long-distance runner for Sporting, and she came to the White Clinic™ after she learned that her persisting lesions might be related to oral health and dental occlusion. She’d been going from dentist do dentist, not really trusting any of them and always feeling uneasy […]

Checking out what’s new at the IDS in Cologne

This week I was at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. Every two years, the leading manufacturers in the dental world get together to showcase new technologies that will be launched on the global dental market. It was absolutely astounding: over two thousand dental companies gathered in what is the world’s largest congress center, […]

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