Vemo-nos em Seattle para a Conferência “The New Face of Dentistry”

Vemo-nos em Seattle para a Conferência “The New Face of Dentistry”

I am beyond excited to be speaking at the 50th Annual Ernest M. Jones Memorial Lecture at Washington State University in Seattle, on September 16th. The 2022 edition of this prestigious event is wholly dedicated to the theme “The New Face of Dentistry” and is aligned with the standards of excellence that Dean Jones established for the outstanding School of Dentistry that he oversaw between 1945 and 1954.
My full-day lecture at Washington State University will be filled with my practical experience, alongside tips, tricks, and work hacks on 4 main topics that I’m incredibly passionate about and that are super relevant in the new face of dentistry:

  • Topic #1: Are consumers and technology driving the future of dentistry?
  • Topic #2: My treatment philosophy No Half Smiles
  • Topic #3: Minimally invasive digital dentistry: new materials and technologies
  • Topic #4: Slow Dentistry: stress-free, patient-centred, gold standard dentistry

As Dean Jones proclaimed over seven decades ago: “Dental education… is now upon the threshold of a new era.” And the truth is it continues to expand and evolve, and how lucky are we to witness and be an active part of it? Let me know if I’ll be seeing you in Seattle in September!

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