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Toxic dentistry?

So very proud to have my article on “Toxic Dentistry” published in such a prestigious edition. I believe that our industry truly needs some things to change. One thing that must happen and even be enforced, and also a foundation of Slow Dentistry, is clinics that don’t respect proper disinfection protocols in between appointments. Its […]

The Importance of Going Slow

For the longest time I have been talking about how important it is to practice Slow Dentistry. A lot of my colleagues were always very curious to what this truly meant. Never before has it made more sense to take the appropriate amount of time to correctly disinfect your hands, and properly disinfect the treatment […]

Understanding the perception of digital dentistry from the patients perspective

I am really excited to bring to you today this amazing study that carestream dental has done to  understand the perception of digital dentistry from the patients perspective. This study has been done with patients from around the world. Results are impressive. 2 out of 3 patients asked, believe a clinic with digital technology would provide […]

92nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society

The American Prosthodontic Society will celebrate its 92nd Annual Scientific Meeting on the 20th and 21st February 2020.  It’s an excellent opportunity to attend amazing lectures on advanced prosthodontics and Implantology as well as esthetics and digital dentistry, and to meet world-renowned experts that will participate in this incredible event.  It will be an excellent […]

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