Tips to be Successful in a First Appointment

Tips to be Successful in a First Appointment

This week I have uploaded some interesting new content in my youtube channel. 

I would like to share with you today one of my favourite videos, where I share some tips to be successful in a first appointment when presenting complex cases. 

One of the most difficult tasks I have daily at the White Clinic is to communicate complex cases to a patient who has come to me for the very first time looking for solutions to his/her smile.  

Most of the dentists are afraid to present a complete treatment plan to their patients, since they think that the amount of work and costs of the procedures will scare their patients to accept the treatment plan.

If you explain to your patients that you have in your office the right tools, the right technology, that you follow the science, the mechanics and the right rules discarding any financial issue, this process ends to be quite simple.  

If you want to learn some tips of how to proceed to first appointments and be successful, just clink and watch the full video on my youtube channel. 

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