No Half Smiles®

No Half Smiles®

Well over a decade ago I developed and registered this concept I like to call, “No Half Smiles”. It is a treatment philosophy that envisions fixing the entire mouth no matter what the problem. As doctors we are trained to fix all the problems, and only financial issues or time constraints make our patients opt for less than ideal treatment plans.

I know we don’t live in an ideal world and that many cannot afford the correct treatment, and this is why at White Clinic we proudly help underprivileged children and the occasional adult that really needs a life boost.

However as a dentist I am trained to rebuild the teeth in biological, mechanical, functional and aesthetic manner to ensure that everything is working and that treatments will last. I always do this with all my patients. Yes we do compromise some times, but the patient is always made very aware that this is happening. My main objective is a scientifically sound treatment plan not something that fits into someones budget. That is not science, its marketing.

As dentists we must always protect the science and the ethical approach to our profession even if that means losing a patient who prefers a low cost procedure with another clinic.

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