My simple treatment philosophy is based on the 7 Ts

My simple treatment philosophy is based on the 7 Ts

With 24 years of experience in diagnosing, analysing and treating complex oral health problems, most of which are deeply connected to general health issues, I’ve devised a simple treatment philosophy that ensures comprehensive results. It all starts and ends with the 7 Ts.


A full array of diagnostic tests are performed, in order to understand the patient’s health baseline and what specific supplementation he or she may be requiring. We run blood tests and DNA tests with national and international laboratories. This means the prescribed treatment is not based on opinion, but rather on facts.


Facts are then connected to personal history and experience. Speaking to the patient is crucial so as to really understand what the focus of their concern is and cross-check that with their medical history, their dental history, as well as the results from their blood tests.


Once all the information has been processed, my medical team and I design the most comprehensive therapy strategy possible, idealising the best sequence of treatment over the ideal time frame for optimal outcome. We also take into account the minimum number of visits to the practice and the least incurring costs.


Time for another open and honest conversation: together with my medical team, we sit down with the patient to communicate the strategy we’ve devised, all associated costs and the expected time frame for treatment. Everything is presented in a crystal-clear manner and, alongside understanding the risks and rewards of all the decisions made, must be agreed upon by all involved parties.


Treatment begins and can combine a series of therapies, from basic IVs to a combination of ozone therapy and intravenous laser with other procedures. My team always takes the time to understand what your body really needs to heal. That is why we go beyond the dental aspects of diagnosis, using a 360º comprehensive, interdisciplinary and biological approach.


We do not advocate one-size fits all dental treatments, we advocate personalised comprehensive protocols. This means that we are constantly monitoring progress with regular blood tests and adapting therapy accordingly. Each patient is unique and that means their treatment must be as well. Analyse, treat, tweak – this is the power of a true health transformation.


Feel the difference as your life starts to dramatically improve, from your brain function to your energy levels, as well as performance in your day-to-day activities. The results are truly remarkable, and your smile says it all. Which makes me smile.

This is Biological Dentistry, this is my vision of integrative medicine and whole body wellbeing. It starts with the mouth and ends with restored health at every single level. It is the power of simplicity, applied with knowledge, experience and a clear understanding of the exquisite balance between oral health and general health.

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