Masterclass: “Positive Dentistry and the Mindset for Success”

Masterclass: “Positive Dentistry and the Mindset for Success”

This past weekend was dedicated to the Bone & Tissue Days in Opatija, Croatia, a congress organised by Botiss Dental, where the focus is on dental hard and soft tissue regeneration.

Over the past couple of years, this event has become a great platform for discussing dental tissue regeneration in all its forms: concepts, current advances, and future trends. I had the honour of giving a Masterclass on “Positive Dentistry and the Mindset for Success”, where I shared my decades-long experience in practice and complex case management. 

I’m always humbled and grateful when I get asked to teach others what I have learnt, especially when it comes to my great passions: dentistry, technology, science, innovation. Let me know if you were able to tune in.

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