Leaders in Action Society Interview

Leaders in Action Society Interview

Leaders in Action Society is a platform of inspiring stories told in the first person through intimate and memorable conversations with some of the great leaders of our time

Their backgrounds and nationalities might diverge, but every single one of them embodies a true 21st century leader.

These stories are made into compelling videos that can reach millions of people around the world.
It is an ambitious and beautiful media project, with strong inspiration, education and training traits, designed to unleash the leader that exists inside each of us.

I feel honored to be invited to do an interview for this platform.

For me it was a wonderful opportunity to share my life experience and vison that can inspire others.  


You can see the full video through this link: https://www.leadersinactionsociety.com/index.php/miguel-stanley/?utm_source=Newsletter+Subscription&utm_campaign=f53a0c0a83-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_11_07_10_47&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5a65791fd6-f53a0c0a83-141898025

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