I stand with the Ukraine!

I stand with the Ukraine!

I vehemently condemn any and all of the atrocious attacks perpetrated by the Russian government against the free and democratic independent nation of Ukraine. As such, I have informed organisations and companies that I will not be lecturing in Russia until peace and order is restored and Ukraine is free from aggression.

I also strongly urge all companies within the Global Dental Community to suspend activities with the Russian federation, and to speak to their partners about doing everything they can to force the government to stop this abhorrent attack on a peaceful and independent European nation.

I understand there are many good people within Russia that are against all of this that is going on, and are suffering too, but they must not remain in silence and must make their voices be heard within their own country, no matter how hard that may be! We have proven that democracy is the best and only way to govern and to achieve world peace.

We must all stand together against tyranny and evil.

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