Faisons la lumière sur la photobiomodulation (French Webinar)

Faisons la lumière sur la photobiomodulation (French Webinar)

On the last 30th of April, Dr Miguel Stanley was invited to participate in a round-table discussion with the world-leading experts on the Low Level Led Therapy (LLLT) technology called ATP38.  The ATP38 is a biomodulation therapy led used in regenerative medicine with 3 important effects: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing effect. 

During the round-table discussion the five experts Pr René-Jean Bensadoun Dr Carole Leconte Dr Amandine Para Dr Jean-luc Pinloche and Dr Miguel Stanley, explained the several applications and benefits of ATP38 in dentistry. 

It was an exciting discussion where interesting questions about this technology have been answered.

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