Zeiss DriveSafe: impressive!

Zeiss DriveSafe: impressive!

Last week I flew directly from Ibiza to Berlin. I had a specific purpose for this trip, which was to attend Zeiss DriveSafe lenses’ presentation, where many other Portuguese and international public figures were present.

On Tuesday morning we were driven to the old abandoned Berlin airport, a magnificent building built with the purpose of giving the troops access in and out of Berlin after the end of World War II. It’s one of the longest continuous buildings in Europe and it was chosen as the place for Zeiss DriveSafe lenses’ presentation. I must say that the technology involved is rather impressive!

In fact, these lenses incorporate 3 types of different technology resulting in 3 different benefits: enhanced vision in low light conditions (due to Luminance Design Technology), reduced the glare at night (I was told it reduces up to 64% headlight glare at night), and precise vision!

It’s absolutely genius that they thought of a vision concept that goes beyond the simple correction of an ophthalmic problem to the improvement of your vision beyond expected, created precisely by thinking about an enhanced way of making our day-to-day much safer. I personally love these tech novelties, which amaze us with such subtle details. It takes great skills to be ahead of your time and I for one was perplexed and couldn’t help but memorize a sentence that says it all when it comes to these Zeiss DriveSafe lenses: «The moment when your reflexes are as fast as your vision».

Oh yes, I did tried them and I loved it! We were challenged to use them during daytime, whilst driving under difficult driving conditions. We watched some sessions on aggressive driving and how to use the ABS breaking system. We were then walked to the Mercedes which were expecting us for this driving challenge. My “travel” partner was José Fidalgo, and we had so much fun with this experience. Later, we were taken to an electric Kart track and ended up talking about DriveSafe technology once again. All this connection between technology and cars, added to the opportunity of meeting new people and Zeiss’ innovations, was really inspiring and, as such, I am really happy for the opportunity of being part of this amazing constructive atmosphere!


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