Your teeth may be causing that earache

Your teeth may be causing that earache

As I’ve said here before, our body is a complex and often mysterious system, and sometimes things that seem totally unrelated are more connected than we think. One example of such seemingly unrelated events is how some people can develop earaches when they have a problem with their teeth.

The mouth and the ears are really close, so it’s normal, for example, for your ears to ache when you have a tooth infection. One of the most common causes is the eruption of the wisdom teeth. When the third molars are erupting, they cause an inflammatory process, and that can affect the ears and cause some reflex pain.

Even an inflammatory process in the gums can eventually cause reflex pain in your ears, head or even neck and shoulders, so it’s very important that you keep things in check.

Another common cause of earache is teeth grinding. If you have a serious case of teeth grinding, this can lead to temporomandibular problems. This happens because when you’re grinding your teeth, you’re actually putting tension on the bones and muscles of your face, neck and shoulders, and the jaws are seriously affected.

So, if you have frequent earaches and your ear specialist has already cleared up the possible causes, maybe you should consult with your dentist. Earaches can be seriously debilitating and have a serious effect on everyday life. Having inexplicable pain is not normal and sometimes we just have to look to unexpected reasons to solve some of our health problems.


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