Yes, dental treatment does represent Happiness

Yes, dental treatment does represent Happiness

As I age and mature in my profession, and the more I see and the more I learn, I understand that what people really do want is to be happy. The main reason behind everything we do is, in fact, the happiness we can get from it.

I believe that we, as Dentists, should always have that in mind. We should always focus on unravelling the multiple perspectives, whether on a clinical or physical side, but also on an emotional side, and of course the financial side.

Based on this premise – “Cosmetic Dentistry is About Happiness” – I recorded a podcast in New York with Dr. Howard, the founder of, an online community accessed by thousands and thousands of Dentists from all over the world. But my trip to this city I absolutely love was not random! Before recording the podcast I had the pleasure of attending a two day convention at NY, where I was the only European “on stage”.

To access the website and listen to the podcast please click here.

It was with great pleasure that I conducted the interview with Dr. Howard, mainly because this relationship between happiness and Dentistry has been my main focus, not only as a Dentist but also as White Clinic® CEO. I strongly believe that the mission in what we do daily goes beyond the physical results: it’s all about people’s happiness and the way they feel great about themselves!

I know this idea may seem weird in the world of Dentistry, but that’s precisely what I’d like to help change with the lectures I have planned for this year!


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