White Clinic®, where the magic happens

White Clinic®, where the magic happens

White Clinic®Â is not just another dental clinic; it never was. Since the very beginning of my carrier that I have been continuously learning and evolving in my particular vision of the profession and of what it may yet become!

It always impacts me negatively how several medical specialties seem to work isolated from each other. Both the healthcare professionals and their patients seem to forget that several areas are complementary and that there’s added value in working together. There should be a deeper interaction and cohesion, as well as knowledge-sharing, so that the end result of all those individual efforts in a single area would result in a global impact that fully meets someone’s needs and expectations as a whole!

White Clinic® was born from that idea of mine. And that’s precisely what I expect my customers to experience whenever they come to us: more than just a medical team, what they find is a multidisciplinary dedicated team at their disposal.

We work in several different areas, from Dentistry to Nutrition and Psychology, looking after each our patients’ quality of life and comfort as a joint responsibility.

Our philosophy is simple and it’s supported by three structural pillars: to be able to use the most recent available technology; combining several procedures in the least possible time; and to focus exclusively in our patient’s happiness! That’s why we’re one of the major consumers of cutting-edge materials in all of the Iberian Peninsula.

Thus, I can’t but feel happy and rewarded for all which I managed to achieve so far, when patients fly to Lisbon just to come to the White Clinic®. These small but crucial details, that highlight our good results, are the ones inspiring me to keep on going, continuously improving my vision and believing there’s still room in our future for big changes!

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