White Clinic #Tech – Intraoral Scanner – Always connected

White Clinic #Tech – Intraoral Scanner – Always connected

The intraoral scanner is a good example of how the digital technologies changed the way dentistry is done.

What it does is, it allows us to share the scan on the cloud, making it easier to send it to the lab for 3D printing and milling or even seeking the opinion of our colleagues from all over the world. The images are amazingly clear and realistic, and it also makes for a better in-chair experience, since it’s really comfortable for both us dentists and the patient. And since we can work with laboratories anywhere in the world, we save time in shipping and cut costs as well.

But really, just the fact that it makes it easier for us to share results and diagnostics is amazing. I’m a firm believer in collaboration, and with the intraoral scanner, I’ve been able to do just that. When I talk about being a member of a team, I’m actually talking about a big network of friends and colleagues who exchange ideas, and that’s what makes us good dentists.

Check the video out and see this amazing scanner in action. It will blow your mind.

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