What’s a Vertical Smile Lift and how it can help you look younger

What’s a Vertical Smile Lift and how it can help you look younger

A saggy or heavy lower jaw is something that ages us and brings the face down. The go-to treatment for this is the lower jaw lift, but often the cause for this lies in the teeth, and the problem is better fixed at the dentist.

I wrote a new article on LinkedIn about this, explaining how the Vertical Smile Lift can be very effective in fixing the signs of aging in our lower jaw.

As we get older, our teeth wear off and the enamel starts to get stripped down. This happens not only because of the acids and sugars present in the food we eat, but also because nowadays life is very stressful, which can make teeth grinding a common problem. This ends up shaving millimeters off of our teeth, and you can guess that after decades of this happening, the consequences can be seen on the face.

Fixing this problem usually does more to rejuvenate the face than undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery! Nowadays we have such an amazing array of technology at our disposal that we can actually simulate the results using digital methods. At the White Clinic® we do this a lot and I can say that the results are life changing!

It’s one of the most expensive treatments in cosmetic Dentistry, because it actually works with both the lower and upper teeth, but it’s a good investment in the future. Looking in the mirror and seeing something we like makes a world of a difference to our life, and this can really take a few years off of an aging face.

So, before you consider going to the plastic surgeon, explore a few other options. The Vertical Smile Lift is the kind of treatment that can solve a cosmetic problem while preventing problems related to enamel loss, so it’s actually a double investment!

You can read the article here.


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