What would you say to God if you met him?

What would you say to God if you met him?

Well, this sounds like a fairly simple question, right? I watched a video a few days ago and it got me thinking about this. Stephen Fry is a brilliant comedian and overall human being, and his answer to this question is really interesting.

The idea of God and religion is very complex, but one thing that I truly believe in is that we all have the right to our beliefs!

If there really is a God is not what is important. What’s important is what we believe in and what we do with that belief. Because, let’s face it: our free will implies a certain degree of responsibility.

Of course, what Stephen is talking about are other things that we can’t really control, but I think that the true issue with religion is how it’s so often used to do awful things.

There’s no religion I know of that preaches hate. Most religious writings might be very backwards in certain issues, but they all talk about love. And they are not to be interpreted so directly, of course.

This video got me thinking that the world would be a lot better if we stopped the hate and focused on the love. Why fight because of something like this? We’re rational beings, we can think by our own heads, and we can certainly behave better than those who came before us!

More important than asking ourselves what we’d say to God, is to ask ourselves how can we better the world we live in!

You can watch the video here.


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