What makes Sara Matos Smile?

What makes Sara Matos Smile?

When I first thought about creating a solidarity project, it was obvious to me it should highlight the importance a smile has, with the ultimate goal of making people smile and laugh even more. Creating a solidarity chain, I’ve challenged Sara Matos to join this project and Sara, smiling broadly as she always does, immediately accepted the challenge!




Sara chose “Associação Animais de Rua” [Homeless Animals Association], an incredible project created in 2005 by a group of friends. Even though they do not have a proper location, this Association works actively to sterilize homeless animals and prevent their uncontrolled reproduction. Any contribution they may receive will make a difference in the number of sterilizations accomplished, so if you want to know more about the Association or even contribute to this cause, you can access the Association’s website.




I’d like to add just one more thing: Sara has challenged the filmmaker Leonel Vieira to tell us what makes him smile.





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