VOCO Annual Meeting in Germany

VOCO Annual Meeting in Germany

Soon I’ll by flying to new destinations on work again!

After Opatija, London and New York, this time Germany will be my destination, more specifically the VOCO Annual Meeting, a multinational company of dental material, specialized in resins and composites – the materials we use to do restorations or to treat cavities.

Thus, from December 10th until the 12nd, Dr. Beatriz Mota – from the White team – and I will be at Cuxhaven, a German coastal village near Hamburg, where VOCO headquarters is located. I was chosen by this company to test their products and to follow their developments as the brand’s opinion leader since the beginning of the year.

From the moment I have been given the responsibility of establishing a direct link between my profession and an industry that feeds it, in a way, I feel I must gather and bring the greatest amount of information possible to my colleagues, and at the same time bring the Dentists voice to the brand’s representatives. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win relationship for both, where we all have much to gain!

Given this context, at the Annual Meeting I’ll be making a motivational presentation to the brand’s sales representatives, on the Dentist’s vision of VOCO and how they can better their communication and strategies amongst my pears.

Let’s see what novelties I’ll bring back to share with you!


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