A night at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel

A night at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel

Last night I had an amazing experience, which was to spend the evening at the Ritz Four Seasons, in Lisbon. A dear friend of mine who works at the corporate headquarters in Toronto was in town and she offered us a complementary evening in the classiest hotel in the country.

The Four Seasons’ service is another level of excellence and I’ve been going to this hotel regularly for many years to have lunch or dine at the bar. The service is truly welcoming and it’s a wonderful place if you want to have business meetings or meet up with people who don’t know Portugal and as a starting point for a drink before going out for dinner. I also strongly suggest that anybody visiting this hotel enjoys the brunch and the cocktails

The decoration dates back from the 60’s and 70’s and there’s a lot of Almada Negreiros art everywhere. He was a very well-known Portuguese artists, both for his paintings and for his words! I’d say that some of his works in the hotel are priceless! It truly is a living work of art!

Also the Spa, downstairs, is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in the world and it was a great way to kick start the day. And now I’m back at the Clinic full of energy to start another day. It’s wonderful to start a little vacation in our wonderful city of Lisbon!


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