Tooth avulsion: is it possible to re-implant?

Tooth avulsion: is it possible to re-implant?

A tooth avulsion happens when a tooth is totally separated from the cavity, with its root still attached. This can be a scary situation, but if you act quickly there’s a chance that it can be re-implanted with success.

This situation is more commonly found in children, but it can happen to anyone and the process to make sure the teeth can be implanted again is similar in both cases. However, and this is very important, it shouldn’t be done with milk teeth! If a child looses a milk tooth completely before the due time, it’s always better to leave it as it is, because re-implantation can actually damage the permanent tooth that is yet to erupt.

So, in case of tooth avulsion, the first thing to do is act quickly! Contact you doctor immediately and tell that’s it’s an emergency. Put the tooth back in place, if possible, and keep a light pressure on your way to the dentist.

If you can’t do this, then you can put it in a clean glass with water, milk or saline solution. This is very important, because it keeps the tissue from getting dry. If you don’t have a glass, it’s also possible to keep it in your mouth, tucked in your cheek.

The main thing is: you have to keep the root intact. Don’t rub it on, don’t let it get dry and don’t try to clean it. You can clean it with running water, but don’t touch it or try to rub any dirt off.

The time window for re-implantation is only a matter of hours, and the longer you wait, the less chances you have of saving the teeth. However, when properly done, you can keep your teeth for years and years! As I’ve said before, having our own teeth is always better, even with nowadays advanced implant possibilities.


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