Today is World Smile Day so you know what to do

Today is World Smile Day so you know what to do

Today is World Smile Day and I couldn’t let it go by unnoticed here on my channel. Giving people’s smiles back is a big part of my job and I can see how important smiling on a daily basis really is.

This day was created by Harvey Ball, a graphic artist who started it by designing the smiley face, an icon that is so popular nowadays. It was fist celebrated in 1999, and since then it has been celebrated every year.

This day symbolizes everything I believe in: if we can make someone smile, then we’ve done something worthy!

After Harvey Ball died, a foundation was created in his name, to continue his legacy. The Harvey Ball Smile Foundation lives by the motto “Improving this world, one smile at a time” and I truly believe these are words to live by.

When I say Dentistry changes lives, this is what I mean. Giving people reasons to smile is what I’ve been doing every day for the last 20 years and I don’t even remember one when I didn’t feel really happy with what I do!

So, let’s all smile a bit brighter today and make someone happy by a random act of kindness. Be part of a bigger game!


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