Thoughts on acupuncture

Thoughts on acupuncture

I’m a big fan of Chinese Medicine! It’s funny how in our Western civilization we call acupuncture alternative. Well, over a billion people have been practicing this art for over five thousand years, so I wouldn’t call it alternative!

Being a Western physician myself and having studied Medicine, Anatomy and all those scientific subjects, I can say that we dentists are not really prepared to understand acupuncture. But the truth is that it actually works.

It is incredible how a few well-positioned needles can relieve tension and pain, bringing a lot of comfort to people in such a simple and cost-effective way. Just for the record, I’m a big fan of the so called “alternative” medicines and I think anybody in need of help, especially in cases in which traditional Western Medicine or surgeries are out of the question, should definitely try it.

It can be life-changing and it’s super-easy! I think nobody should really be scared of this. Of course, it helps to have a very good practitioner. Mine is Chinese and she has been doing this for twenty years! I can assure you: it does make a difference!

As in everything in life, experience and excellence make a difference in the medical field. It doesn’t matter if it is Western or Chinese Medicine.


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