This is my best advice to young dentists!

This is my best advice to young dentists!

If there’s something I can safely say about me and my team is that we never do things by halves. If there’s a case in need of help, we will work on it full force, no matter how much time and effort it takes.

And this is why we are completely focused on treating people’s mouths as a whole.

It’s not always easy to convince a patient that what he wants is not necessarily what he needs. Sometimes we have people coming to the White Clinic® asking for cosmetic work without treating core problems, because they can only afford one of the two. We always say no to this!

We will not mask a problem and let someone go home with a mouth full of problems yet to solve. In some cases the patients understand what the priority is, and sometimes we have to refuse treatment.

We lose money, of course, but that’s okay. More important than making a lot of money is sticking to our ethics!

This is probably the best advice I have for young dentists. Our best tool is good ethics and an understanding that sometimes it is better to lose money than to do work that’s not as good as we can do it!



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