The technology behind the surgery: PRF®

The technology behind the surgery: PRF®

The technology I’m about to present is quite recent to our field. In 2001, a French doctor discovered the concept of PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) which was – and still is – quite a revolution to oral regeneration of tissues.

At White Clinic® we use this surgical equipment. It allows us to make the centrifugation of the blood (of the patient) without anticoagulants. This results in the formation of a fibrin clot (the so-called PFR) that will gradually release growth factors or cytokines, when applied. What does it do? Well, it will help with the scarring process and regeneration, as it accelerates the soft tissue and bone healing.

Generally speaking, this technology will help you to make a better recovery! I’m glad to have it at White Clinic®: It makes me feel safe and more comfortable when I have to go into surgery.

To all my fellow colleagues that don’t know this equipment, I strongly recommend it. You and your patient will definitely feel the difference.

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