The secret behind our success? Focus on the happiness!

The secret behind our success? Focus on the happiness!

One of the biggest secrets behind the success of White Clinic® is the passion and drive the team bring to work every day.

And these photographs captured by a photojournalist who we challenge to help portray daily life at the White Clinic®, you can see the drive that my team brings to the game.

None of these photographs is staged and they all are shot without people realizing they are being photographed.

It fills me with a huge sense of pride to see the dedication and commitment in every single action that these people have when they’re performing their job.

A true team cannot be bought, cannot be hired, it has to be carefully crafted, sculptured, much like a beautiful statue.

I think it was Michelangelo that said that he doesn’t create the statue, the statue was always inside the stone and he just removed the excess.

Well, that is how I feel everyday trying to bring out the best of people by giving them a safe, clean work environment and at the end of the day that allows us to do our job better, more efficiently, with better overall results.

I think the secret is not to focus on the money, but to focus on the happiness.


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