The role of dentistry in selfies

The role of dentistry in selfies

I was interviewed by Sábado, a portuguese magazine, and talked a bit about how the demand for cosmetic transformations increased since selfies became popular. In our experience, 10% of the clients we meet ask for cosmetic work.

What didn’t get on record is that at White Clinic® we always put health first. This means that if someone comes to us lookig for cosmetic changes in their smile and they have health problems, we always treat those first, no matter what their budget might be.

Our role as Dentists is to put health first and aesthetics after.

We really can change people’s lives through their new smiles using new technology. It’s amazing the things we can do nowadays in a simple and quick way!

You can read the interview and get to know our work a little better by clicking on the image.


A entrevista na revista sábado - Miguel Stanley Channel

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