The patient that came from a different Continent

The patient that came from a different Continent

The Life-Changing Dentistry case I bring you today is unfortunately another typical case of a patient’s discontent with the previous dental treatments performed. This patient came to us feeling extremely sad due to the features of her smile. The truth is that she had maladapted crowns, not only on a biological level but also aesthetically.

The time we had to address this problem was quite short, because this patient did not live in Portugal. Indeed, she came from a different Continent and flew to Lisbon with the sole purpose of coming to the White Clinic® to perform this treatment! Situations like this make us realize the real impact a smile can have to someone’s true happiness.

In only two appointments, three months of treatment apart, we were able to finish the treatment and give our patient the result she so much aspired for! The bright and shinning smile just gave her a whole new strength!

My long experience has been given me the opportunity to observe hundreds and hundreds of cases where the change is quite visible and so much bigger than I can eventually try to explain in my own words. In the end, it’s as if we gave that patient a whole new life, and it’s absolutely incredible how our fears and the feelings of unhappiness can affect our identity and our true potential. These things are all connected! Much more than what we would expect!

The patient flew back home truly satisfied with the treatment outcome and feeling a lot prettier and confident. And that is precisely what we work for every single day.

*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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