The follow-up performed at the White Clinic®

The follow-up performed at the White Clinic®

At the White Clinic®, our patients’ follow-up is extremely important, as I started to explain in a previous article. That is a step we consider as part of the treatment and one we cannot ignore!

The time we dedicate to the treatment is not limited exclusively to the appointment. That would a simplistic way of looking at a procedure that is actually very complex and demands our attention long before the treatment, during and after it starts.

We have set in place a series of fail-proof techniques that insure that all of our patients are carefully and meticulously followed up on. And this happens even in the simplest of the treatments.

Despite our level of commitment in doing the best we can, we know that everybody can make mistakes and things don’t always go as we planned. But how do we deal with that reality? Well, we are honest about it and we keep committed to our excellence standards after the treatment is done so we can correspond to our patient’s expectations.

We always call our patients 24 hours after they come to the clinic for a treatment to insure that everything is going well. And after that we make sure throughout time that these follow-ups are done with our hygiene department, where we take X-rays and photographs to make sure the proposed treatment is according to plan.

The truth is that we don’t just sell a product – along with it comes a service. You may think that this is something that every dentist should do, but none of us were trained to do so. The system that we have is actually the result of many years of clinical experience, trial and error!

Nowadays, the follow-up is something that really gives our patients the emotional comfort they need. We believe that if you have any doubts about your treatment, you should never feel scared to get in touch with your dentists.


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