“The End of the Hollywood Smile”, in Sloan! Magazine

“The End of the Hollywood Smile”, in Sloan! Magazine

The beginning of 2016 is turning out great for us here at the White Clinic®. We haven’t had a minute to spare and the truth is that the work keeps us active and energized to keep on evolving.

For the third time this year we were mentioned in the international press and this acknowledgement gives us an amazing feeling! After being mentioned in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine, which I’ve told you all about in a previous post, this time we received some attention from Sloan! Magazine. Entitled “The End of the Hollywood Smile”, this article addresses very clearly some of the themes I’ve been exploring throughout my career. Additionally, it addresses some important questions which I’ve been currently talking about.

Yes, it’s true, the ideal Hollywood smile is not what people want nowadays! The great mastery of dentistry is being able to give people a smile that looks so good, and so natural, supported by a practice that’s based on such excellence that you can’t even tell that this is a cosmetic creation born by the hand of dentists. Dentistry that is so good it’s basically invisible!

Once again, if you want to know what type of procedures are usually more requested, specially by public figures, you can read this article to find out. You’ll find some brief explanations that might help you understand the aesthetic perception of a smile.

Always try to clarify your doubts, no matter how simple they might seem. The path to mistakes begins exactly when our understanding over something fails! We stop being 100% confident and realize mistakes have been made only after they have occurred.

At the White Clinic® we never allow that to happen, because we want our patients to be as confident as possible.

We put safety and quality above everything!


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