The eco-friendly toothbrush

The eco-friendly toothbrush

A lot of dental problems can be avoided, or at least minimized, with good brushing habits! A proper oral hygiene routine is key to keep our mouth healthy and it’s not a difficult thing to maintain. There’s a lot to consider about brushing, from the correct movements to the quality of the toothpaste and toothbrush.

We all brush (or at least should brush) our teeth at least twice a day and the brush we use counts when it comes to seeing results.

You all know that besides dentistry, sustainability is one of my main concerns, so this brush ticks all the boxes! The Humble Brush is really comfortable to use and the handle is made entirely of organic bamboo so its disposal doesn’t hurt the planet at all. It really is a great product!

It’s also a toothbrush that gives back! For each toothbrush sold, another one is given to a charity that shares their philosophy. Isn’t this great?

It’s really amazing seeing environmental conscious products in Dentistry!

Check out their website and get to know this project.



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