The dentist of horrors was finally arrested!

The dentist of horrors was finally arrested!

Two days ago Jacopus van Nierop, the “dentist of horrors”, was finally condemned for his horrific crime. This so-called dentist deliberately hurt and scammed patients trying to collect money from both patients and insurance companies.

He actually mutilated his patients, leaving them with no teeth and broken jaws. It’s terrible what’s happened to so many people!

I’m happy he got caught and sentenced to eight years of prison! But more important than that, I’m relieved he’s forbidden to practice dentistry for the rest of his life. These are the kind of doctors that perpetuate the idea that all dentists are “butchers”. This is not true!

You should never think pain is normal. If a patient feels more pain than it should or feels that something is wrong then it’s his right to complain. A good dentist will always listen to the patient!



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