Thank you for not smoking (your teeth will thank you too)

Thank you for not smoking (your teeth will thank you too)

Everybody knows that smoking is bad! It harms your heart, your lungs and your mouth. As a dentist, I’ve seen a lot of damage caused by smoking, and I can tell you that it’s not pretty. Yes, it harms our heart and lungs, and pretty much everything else in between, but the mouth is where you can see most of the damage.

First of all, smoking increases the risk and is the cause of periodontal disease. Meaning it can damage the gums and the bone and, eventually, end up in teeth loss. This is a very serious condition that can affect people’s overall life and health. Our body functions as a whole, and when something’s not right, everything else will start going wrong!

Smokers also have an increased tendency to have oral cancer, which, if not diagnosed and treated early, can be fatal.

And, of course, smoking is one the most popular causes of halitosis, not to mention the aesthetic damages it causes, because it stains the teeth and provokes dark spots on the gums.

As I’ve said before, having a nice smile is part of having a healthy life! When you have a smile that you feel comfortable with, your life is better. As a dentist, I can’t count how many people have told me how having their smile back changed their lives!

So, please keep in mind that if you are a smoker, you should run the extra mile when it comes to oral health. Make sure you keep regular appointments at the dentist, and treat your teeth well at home.

At the White Clinic® we recognize how much of a problem this is and we’re perfectly equipped to tackle it. We do oral cancer screenings, treat periodontal disease and perform cosmetic treatments. Besides helping with the consequences, we also have a smoking cessation program. It can be really difficult to stop smoking, but it can be done!

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, and there’s no amount of treatments that can do much better than just kicking the habit completely! It’s never too late to stop smoking.


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