Tell me the truth: what do you see?

Tell me the truth: what do you see?

When we were young, we were all taught to see beyond appearances and have a second look at things. How many times have you heard someone saying something like “don’t judge a thing by its colour”? I want you to tell me the truth: What do you see when you meet someone with a smile like the one in the picture above?

The truth is no matter who’s the owner of the smile – if he’s the best man in the planet or if he has had many problems in his life – you are much more likely to believe and trust someone with a perfect smile, rather than someone with an “ugly” smile. And we see this every day at the clinic!

Someone with bad teeth or missing teeth is automatically looked at like someone that doesn’t care enough, someone who has bad hygiene or who has bad habits. Admit it: only for a second or two will you think that maybe most of us were born with a not so perfect smile! Could we have changed that? Of course no.

Can we change it afterwards? Yes, but not everybody can. And you wouldn’t believe the emotional damage and stress hidden behind many smiles you see on the streets and on those perfect smiles shown in magazines!

Me and my team, we’ve seen many things and we know hundreds of stories. It’s kind of impressing how the purest expression of joy and happiness can also bring so much misfortune to someone.


So what I want you to do today is this:

  • Take a moment to think how important your appearance is to you. Are you sure you’re taking enough time to take care of yourself and feel good with who you are?
  • Think carefully when you choose to analyse someone based on their appearance – would you like to be treated by others based on your weaknesses?
  • Try to understand that there is nothing wrong in matching health with aesthetic treatments. if it will change your life for better, why not?
  • Choose your dentist wisely: you have the right to understand how every treatment works and to ask about everything you don’t know


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