Team work got us in the portuguese Journal of Dentistry!

Team work got us in the portuguese Journal of Dentistry!

Today I am very proud. Last year, me me and my team worked on a case that was accepted by the Journal of Dentistry in Portugal! But it wasn’t just accepted, it actually got the cover.

Just yesterday I wrote here how happy we all were about our presence in the international and national press, so it seems like I was almost predicting this outcome. Of course I wasn’t, but it’s with great joy that I see our work evolve and be recognized day after day!

As you may know, I always have promoted team work and interdisciplinary dentistry, and this case was actually designed in Madrid by another team that had assisted my team and we then got the surgery plan, which included the laboratory work.

So quite a lot of people, I would say up to 35 people, were involved in giving this patient a new smile. A lot of technology, a lot of science, a lot of patience and, of course, a lot of ethics and responsible planning, went behind giving this patient a world-class brand new smile.

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