Talking sports and oral health with GQ Portugal

Talking sports and oral health with GQ Portugal

My collaboration with GQ Portugal keeps on going and today I’m bringing you an article on how a good oral health can help athletes better their performance.

I’ve talked about here before how having a good oral hygiene and aligned teeth can positively impact in our overall health, but this is especially true for athletes.

Their body is their work tool, and when something is not right it shows on their results.

It starts with the chewing process that, when not properly done, can greatly affect digestion. This means that less nutrients will be absorbed, which translate into less energy and a far slower and impaired performance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a malocclusion is also very problematic in athletes. Not only can it cause a lot of pain, but since it also affects posture, it can severely impact on strength, balance and agility, which are paramount in most sports. Even a slight misalignment in the teeth can cause this.

In the article, I talk about a patient of mine who was being benched repeatedly because of a lesion. When he came for a regular check-up, we found a cyst on his jawbone and as soon as it was removed his performance started to improve right away.

I’ve been a dentist for almost 20 years, and I remember that when I started nobody talked about this. Luckily, these questions are starting to be more openly discussed in sports, and the value of having a healthy mouth is being recognized.

You can read the full article in here.


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