Talking at Christian Coachman’s DSD Residency

Talking at Christian Coachman’s DSD Residency

I was in Brazil last week and it was amazing because I not only had another opportunity to be doing what I love and speaking to like-minded people, but I also got to check out what my friends and colleagues are up to.

When we’re all together at these events, we’re always coming up with new plans and ideas. This time, my good friend Christian Coachman invited me and Dr. Marcelo Calamita to be a part of these amazing residencies he’s planning on Digital Smile Design and, of course, I said yes.

I will only be able to attend the New York residency in April in person, but I’ll be lecturing through Skype in são Paulo (February), Madrid (March) and Seattle (December).

I will be speaking about my No Half Smiles Philosophy® , and sharing my experience on building a successful team and a successful business.

These residencies will be amazing! All the lecturers will focus on topics that are usually not covered at such events. Christian shares my vision on how we should approach dentistry and its business aspects and it’s good seeing such a complementary approach on the topic.

You can watch the video below to know more about the project.

I can’t wait!


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