Talent in the White Team: Congratulations Doctors!

Talent in the White Team: Congratulations Doctors!

I must underline that at this stage of my life and career, nothing is more rewarding than to see people from the White Clinic® team grow both personally and professionally. I’ve always been proactive since I became a Dentist, and have embraced my profession with the vigour and energy to make a difference in the world that surrounds me. Still, I can state with certainty that there are a few things my young colleagues do that I wouldn’t have accomplished at their age.

I received this video last week from Dr. Filipa Braga’s presentation at an international congress, which I would like to share with you. With the audience completely full, this young 24-old Dentist spoke fluently a language which is not her native, to a room full of specialists. The mindset I hear in her words is absolutely amazing! Congratulations Dr. Filipa!



I hereby also leave a mention to Dr. Beatriz Mota Jordào, who has won Young Podium at the SENAME 2015 International Congress last month, which Portugal had the pleasure of hosting for the first time. There were 17 candidates and Beatriz was one of the three finalists who ended up winning and donating their prize to Mundo a Sorrir and Operation Smile.

The achievements of these beautiful and talented youngsters make me feel really happy and proud for having them on my team. After all these years, it’s great to see that all my work paid off, because Dentistry is changing by Dentists like them!

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